“European Prosecutor goes far beyond her responsibilities” – The response of the President of the Union of Administrative Judges for Tembis

“I think that Europe far exceeds its responsibilities when it tells us that we need to change the Law on the Responsibility of Ministers (!!!) or also the Constitution (!!!), so that it can, supposedly, make its investigation undisturbed,” says in a Facebook post, President of the Association of Administrative Judges, Panayiotis Danias in response to the statements of the European Prosecutor for the . And continues to post – response to what the European Prosecutor said about Tempes: “I would therefore advise her to do her job quietly and methodically, as the real Justices and Prosecutors in the countries do; Members, without heavy statements that offend the institutional autonomy of EU Member States and make it part of the problem, instead of the solution. And it does not, of course, prevent the immunity of the Ministers from asking for documents (the most important), testimonies from members of the Administrations, etc. and evidence from any source of it useful for its work. And her work is not to give media interviews and talk about the “trauma” of the relatives of the victims (undoubtedly existable, but indifferent to the search for the truth). And he concludes: “And if, in fact, he finds obstacles to this work by Ministers, he should name them and send it to the (Greek) Parliament, which is the only one responsible to deal with. Unless her purpose is to go down to the European elections too, like the Belgian interrogator of Kailee’s case.”

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