Igoumenitsa: They got a deadline to apologize to police officers arrested with 19 packages of drugs

Deadline to apologize Tuesday March 19th at 9:30 a.m., the two police officers and the Albanian arrested Friday morning (15.03.2024) called and called after a Narcotics DEA operation and are charged with violating drug law. It is recalled that at 2 a.m. men of the Alien Narcotics DEA along with their Commander, after using the information they had detected one of the two arrested police officers to drive a service conventional vehicle with the Albanian passenger and a stop signal was carried out to carry out a check. The driver however continued his course within the city of Igoumenitsa, disobeying the police’s bright and sound signals and after a while he was immobilized due to a traffic accident. In the control that followed within the vehicle were found and seized -19- packages with raw cannabis weighing 102 kg and 670 grams. According to the police announcement, the police driver was in an evening-ordered patrol service, and it was found that his escort, who was also arrested after informing the competent prosecutor, was at a different point in Thesprotia, having left his service pistol in the vehicle. Seraphim Sansaridis, a lawyer of the police officer who had left the service pistol in the conventional and was spotted in a coffee shop in the area, said his client denied the charges. The car accident caused material damage to 3 parked cars and to the service vehicle.

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