European elections 2024: Journalist Dimitris Panopoulos candidate MEP with SYRIZA

Natalia German’s close associate is going to run this year with Syriza. The journalist received a proposal from Stefanos Kasselakis himself to participate in the European elections with Syriza’s party. Dimitris Panopoulos, according to Tlife, has already informed Natalia German and the management of Apha, where the show “Best Not Done” is shown in which he appears. Main opposition leader Stefanos Kasselakis met Dimitris Panopoulos for dinner at a restaurant in Kolonaki. That’s where the nomination was proposed. The young journalist with Alpha is in conversation about how long he will be on the show panel after he will have to start his campaign procedures. Dimitris Panopoulos and Stefanos Kasselakis had met on the set of the show “Best Not Done” in mid-December Their most recent television meeting was last Sunday (31.03.2024)