Club Breeze in view of PAOK: “Don’t sell your tickets to Greek fans”

She prepares for the first game against Conference League quarterfinals and sent a message to her fans about the match tickets. In related information to its fans, Club Breeze notes a growing demand on social media for tickets from Greece and calls on her friends not to resell Greek fans, warning about their safety. The update from Club Breeze “On the afternoon of Thursday, our team will play home the first race of the historic quarterfinal of the Conference League with PAOK Thessaloniki. Meanwhile, we noticed a growing demand on the internet for Greek fans who wish to buy a ticket on the Breeze stadium. Don’t do it and paint Jan Bradell blue and black. In view of this match, the club has already taken strict measures based on ticket sales, which take place in three phases. First and foremost, as always, priority was given to all permanent holders. After the priority period, the series of Club ID holders came. In a final phase, which is currently under way, sales were opened to fans without the Club ID who already had an account on our website before the draw or to fans who had already bought tickets in the past. IP addresses from Greece are also not allowed to access our ticket website. Don’t resell your ticket! Due to these strict measures, demand from Greek fans in social media is increasing to buy tickets from fan to fan at higher prices. The club recommends that you not answer them for everyone’s safety and warns about the possible consequences. Let us all contribute together to a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful European evening.”