Erdogan is blackmailing the EU for the visa: “I’ll get Jihadists in all of Europe…”

    The Turkish President R.T. Erdogan blackmails raw Europe for the issue of a visa…
    and threatens if he doesn’t make the sake to “sink” the Greece with new boatloads of illegal immigrants and refugees. Already, on the coast of Turkey are still on the $ 3 million, and the slavers are again ready to get to work under the guidance of MIT, as was the case until recently.
    In the notice of the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz how Turkey has not fulfilled the conditions for sanction of release of the visa, and doubts how this can happen until July in order for the holders of a Turkish passport to travel to the E.E., Tayyip Erdogan responded with fury in Brussels.
    He demanded the EU to honour the promise he made and to implement it no later than October and threatened to how, “if this does not happen, we can continue our way”. What is the path that has to keep the Turkey? Sending illegal immigrants and refugees in the Greek islands as it did until the Ahmet Davutoglu, who was guillotined by Erdogan, signed the agreement with Europe on halting migration flows.
    The broken of the games i.e. between Turkey and the E.E. or, more specifically, Ankara and Berlin will be asked to pay again Greece. And that’s because across the street, on the Turkish coast, waiting on the 3 million immigrants and refugees ready to drown the already struggling Greek islands, in view of the tourist season.
    There may not be the flow that was there until they close the border from Skopje, but the fact is that if the Anchor wants no one will stop to send tens of thousands of impoverished illegal immigrants and refugees in Greece, with the promise that they would be found in European territory, and the hope that they can reach in a country of central or northern Europe.
    For the possibility to “sink” the agreement with Turkey and.E. seems to be prepared already in Brussels immediately after the expulsion of Ahmed Davutoglu from the premiership and have already started to leaked information how the Greek islands can be converted to a permanent “hot spots” or to take the Greece the help of the 6 billion promised by the eu.E. in Turkey.
    It’s not enough so most of the people we have and the government SYRIZA-ANEL has spread across the country to relieve the situation of the islands, isn’t it enough that few have επαναπροωθηθεί in Turkey, although NATO we got it into our neck, now the Europeans are preparing the ground to receive the Greece, and other illegal immigrants and refugees because it is unable to respond to the “bullying” of Erdogan.
    Because the Turkish President is not threatened only by breaking the agreement, but also with the mission to the European Union of fanatical islamists-jihadists, like those who did the attacks in Paris and Brussels.
    The statement of the claim of Brussels for a change of anti-terrorism legislation in Turkey was typical and very clear. “Europe is a safe haven for terrorists,” said the R.T. Erdogan making sure, obviously, he to nourish the egg of the snake in the centre of Europe.
    It is obvious how Erdogan is beyond the limits of the adopt, and it touches on the behavior of the “terrorist”, by threatening and blackmailing the whole of Europe. The question is who will put him in his place, and how.