Emotional control of ADE in a store in Chios – The mayor attempted to kick them out

An incident took place during Tsiknopept in the framework of the massive nationwide audits of the Independent Public Revenue Authority ( ) to verify the compliance of lawmakers by professionals and impose fines where necessary. According to the confirmation of AADE at newssit.gr, three steps of auditors under the supervision of the Business Directorate of AADE in Chios were sent to stores on the island in order to check whether evidence was cut and fines imposed. When they were found in a traditional cafe in which evidence was found not to be cut, they began to register the data on the tablet and on the CONTROL-Live system for the evidence and infringements recorded, Mayor Chios, Giannis Malafis, asked the auditors to report their data to him while inviting them to leave the store. At the same time he began taking photographs of both themselves and their tablet screen. After the incident, the auditors completed the data registration and proceeded with subsequent checks on the island.