Ellie Stay’s mother, Renee Charlaba, died.

At the age of 93 she left her life, Renee Charlaba, immersing in mourning the well-known journalist and her family. Renee Tsarlaba, mother of Ellie Stai and Spiros Tsarlaba, served as director of the office of Anastasios Melonis, which in the governments Andreas Papandreou was among the most important ministers and “father” of ASEP. Renee Tsarlaba was born in 1931 in Lefkada. He married Congressman Marco Tsarlaba and had two children, Spiros and Ellie. She was passionately active in the care of her helpless and patient fellow citizens. He served as director of the Political and Cabinet Office of Resurrection Meloni and Apostle Lazarus. From these positions he stood by and helped those in need. Her funeral will take place on Thursday 4 April at 13.30 from the Metropolis of Lefkada.