Donald Trump deposits a $175 million guarantee to avoid seizures

The Republican former president filed a $ 175 million bill yesterday as collateral after his conviction in New York for fraud of his company in the civil trial, thus preventing his threatened conservative foreclosures of resources from the state authorities that could potentially lead to even the collapse of his real estate group. 77-year-old Donald Trump to face in the November 5 presidential election his Democratic successor Joe Biden, was found guilty on February 16 for fraud, more specifically for artificial expansion of his property value by billions of dollars to ensure more favorable loan and insurance terms. Initially, Mr. Trump was asked to make a $454 million guarantee. But an appeal court decided on 25 March to suspend the enforcement of Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision, provided that the entrepreneur would pay the smallest amount within ten days. A three-member court of appeal is pending to consider an appeal by Mr Trump on the substance of the case; The reduction in the amount of the guarantee to be paid does not indicate anything about the outcome of the appeal, i.e. what the decision of the applicants will be. The lodging of a guarantee prevents, however, the New York D.A.’s request that former president’s property be seized, among them Trump Tower in New York City, the golf course and resort available in Westchester, or his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Donald Trump rejects the charges and characterizes the trial of political “hunting witches” starring federal prosecutor Leticia James, a Democrat who prosecuted him in 2022. The tycoon, who made property in the real estate sector before overthrowing the American political scene and calling into question the very republic in the United States, characterizes the decision as “a fraud” at his expense and has repeatedly been made public against prosecutor James and Judge Engoron. Mr Trump is still facing four trials, criminal in nature, among them one again in New York, expected to begin on April 15. This process involves fraud for the purpose of paying money to buy porn star silence before the 2016 election. He also faces two trials for his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election result, when he was defeated by Biden’s successor, and another for the way he handled classified documents when he left the White House. He pleads not guilty in all four cases.