Electronic attack on Greek websites

    For three days the sites… tilegrafima.gr and ekklisiaonline.gr have accepted electronic attack from hackers, with the result that users can enter.
    See what report websites: “many users appear in google ads or other material when they type the specific domain in search google.
    The DDoS attacks they target websites by flooding servers with messages from multiple systems so they can’t cope in normal traffic.
    Many readers send messages via email or facebook and are wondering what’s going on.
    A similar attack was the web site of the BBC in Great Britain. Serious consideration is being given to the potential these attacks come from hackers of the Islamic State.
    We have informed the cyber Crime unit of the EL.NES. and this is a solution. Apart from the BBC were hit and other international media, it Seems that from the Greek sites επιλέχθηκανtilegrafima.gr and ekklisiaonline.gr, as well as highlight the atrocities of the jihadists around the world.
    We will continue to defend the truth and objective information for educating the public.”