You, yes you reading now… Get out into the world and say: I’m a crazy dreamer… and smile… and start…!

    I’ll say it again: life’s leaps of faith. He wants you to believe in miracles. How else will you achieve the “impossible” for the…
    human measures, if you always settle for the powers of the finite to you? Don’t confine and limit yourself to that-you’re confined to a little, and dare the journey of the “dangerous”, and let’s say crazy, let’s call you dreamer..!
    Get out into the world and say: I’m a crazy dreamer…! And smile…! And start…! You’ll find many others in your way, don’t think you’re the only one chasing the “elusive”…!
    I want to see you make this jump, I want to see λύνεσαι from the shackles of you, being a MAN FREE, to be “irrational”, to laugh with all your might like you’re happy, to cry, sobbing like a little child when you’re in pain, to embrace it with all your fervor, to love without limits and conditions as a small child, to hope even if everything around you is falling apart.
    To get angry and then regret it, you stumble and get up again and again, experiencing all the emotions that come from inside you to the core.
    I want to see you living like you deserve to live, not as a creature who drags his footsteps in life, but as a creature who tries to open his wings to fly up high and let you fall of infinite many times. This is the courage, this is the nerve of you! Do you want to throw it against the weather, and you’ll get it! Are you going to do this leap of faith and you can do it! Don’t be afraid! Don’t think about the fall then! Will you knock? Will it hurt you? And if you break your face, what happened? I know, you’re strong, I trust you, I’ve seen the glow inside you..Will you get up’re Gonna blow the dirt and dust off of you, will take care of your wounds and I’ll keep more sure, having a full sense of why you’re trying and where you want to go.
    It is the ideal, it is invaluable to be able to keep up, to συμπορεύεσαι with your loved ones to be all of them at your side. Not ideal, but sometimes impractical. Anyway, the race is yours, either with their presence next to you , or without. And if their presence near you is holding back your course? And if your presence hinders their own course? The important thing is to have next to your favorite those persons who may participate in the race, but any adversity. And if, indeed, it is loved ones will make it. You will have to bear the difficulties, they will understand the responsibility of this decision, and will walk with you, in the common struggle. Otherwise, if the difficult of the course leave, then let the hand slip from yours, because maybe only you had it, and continued with courage, With courage and nerve!