Elections in Turkey: Erdogan voted – “The beginning of a new era”

In Istanbul the Turkish president was found to vote on it. Recep Tayyip Erdogan voted at 13.30 in an electoral station in Skoutari, on the Asian coast of Constantinople. After exercising his electoral right, the Turkish president said that “these elections mark the beginning of a new era in our country” and wished the local government elections to contribute decisively to the start of a new century for Turkey. The Battle of the City Their electoral right was exercised by the two main candidates for the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul, in today’s municipal elections in Turkey, incumbent mayor Erem Imamoglu and President Erdogan’s chosen Murat Kurum. Erem Imamoglu voted in the Beiliktnuzu region, where he was mayor before being elected in 2019 head of the municipality of Istanbul. After exercising his electoral right Erem Imamoglu appeared moved, saying: “Today is an emotional day for me, because it is the moment of farewell and reconciliation for the five years of work. I hope our people will give me this feeling of reconciliation. I would like to say that I am acting without separating any region from the other and without putting partying into the picture. If I’ve hurt someone’s heart, I apologize and ask them to forgive me. We believe we did our best.” He also asked citizens to protect their ballot and ballot: “The vote is a sacred right to our democracy. This right must be protected. The rules on the protection of this right are clear, but unfortunately, since there are shortcomings in this matter in Turkey, this issue is being done in cooperation with the citizens.” Earlier, Murat Kurum’s opponent had voted, who after exercising his electoral right stated that today the sun rises in Istanbul. “God willing we will take the first step to address the risk of an earthquake and traffic problems. On March 31, the sun will rise,” he said, he expressed confidence that today will be a celebration day for all citizens of Istanbul and thank President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his trust. Before going to vote, Murat Kurum visited a mosque to pray and the relevant photos were released on social media and published in pro-government media. Last night, after all, he prayed with Erdogan in Saint Sophia. If Kurum Erdoğan wins he gains political displacement to steel even more his power, perhaps with Constitutional change. If he loses for the first time a strong opponent from the opposition side, if, of course, the internal contentions of the People’s Republican Party of Erem Imamoglu allow it. Erdogan has personally borne the burden of the campaign. Only in the last 48 hours he organized six election rallies, all in Istanbul. His ministers are doing the same thing in the last week before the elections in Istanbul, but that led to Murat Kurum being obscured, who is not particularly charismatic anyway.