Cosmote TV: Parish, Chucky and Blue Lights with Christian Slater and Idris Elba – All premieres

Dynamicly starts April in the new television step of Giancarlo Esposito in the police drama “Parish”. Also known as Gus Fring from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” actor, he plays a quiet family man, who is forced to return to the underworld after the murder of his son. In the cast of the series stands the participation of 3 Emmy award-winning Bradley Whitford (The Handmaid’s Tale). The television transfer of “The Spiderwick Chronicles” with “Mr. Robot” Christian Slater will also make a premiere to COSMOTE TV, while Idris Elba (Luther) will give his voice to the live-action “Knuckles”, a spin-off series of “Sonic the Hedgehog”. The award-winning 2 Emmy “Star Trek Discovery” has a special place on the agenda of the month, with the 5th and final cycle of the series holding an epic galactic adventure for the USS Discovery crew. From the series of the month also stands out the continuation of the 3rd cycle of “Chucky”, the reality-based “Until I Kill You” and the 2nd season of police officer “Blue Lights”. Every new episode of the series, immediately after being shown on COSMOTE TV’s channels (COSMOTE SERIES HD, COSMOTE SERIES MARATHON HD), will be available for viewing at any time through its free, on demand catalogue of films and series. In the same list will be available the previous series cycles that return with new episodes. In detail the April premieres: Parish Gray Paris gave up his criminal life to become a family man and owner of a luxury car service in New Orleans. After his son’s brutal murder, Paris returns to his old habits and is driven into an extremely dangerous world. Premiere 24 hours after America: Monday 1/4, 23.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD. Star Trek Discovery (5th season – series finale) In his farewell course the USS Discovery crew discovers a new mystery and begins an intergalactic treasure hunt. At the same time that the crew has sought an ancient force, which has been hidden for centuries, they face dangerous enemies who are determined to do anything to gain that power. Where will the fifth and final season journey lead? In the role of Governor Michael Barnam returns Senikway Martin- Green (The Walking Dead), having Doug Jones (The Shape of Water) on her side. Premiere with double episode, 48 hours after America: Saturday 6/4, 23.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD. Chucky (3rd season – 2nd part) The future presupposes ominous for the murder doll, who is in danger of dying of old age. Although this is good news, Jake, Devon, and Lexy need Chucky alive to find Lexi’s sister missing. Premiere 24 hours after America: Thursday 11/4, 23:00, COSMOTE SERIES HD. The Spiderwick Chronicles Based on the 2008 children’s book series of best sellers and the 2008 film, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” follows the Grace brothers who move to their great-grandfather’s mansion. There they discover the existence of a mystical world with fairies and other imaginary creatures. Premiere 24 hours after America: Saturday 20/4. Until I Kill You Delia is a woman who is bravely trying to rebuild her life, fearing another violent attack by her former partner. Years later, when the man is arrested, he must face him again in court. The series tells the true story of Delia Balmer, who survived the horrible violence suffered by John Sweeney, a man who, although he confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend, was released on bail. Premiere: Sunday 21/4, 23.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD. Knuckles The events of the series are placed chronologically between the films “Sonic the Hedgehog” 2 and 3. Knuckles is now the protector of Earth and trains Wade as his new apprentice. At the same time, a former Robotnik partner appears and tries to take advantage of Nuckles’ power for himself (Rory Mack) Can – Game of Thrones). Premiere 24 hours after America: Saturday 27/4, 19.30, COSMOTE SERIES HD. Blue Lights (2nd season) The police series returns, with officers facing daily rioters of the Belfast underworld. Having spent a year since the fall of the McIntyre gang, they make their appearance increasingly rival gangs, which compete for dominance in the area. Premiere: It comes in April at COSMOTE SERIES MARATHON HD. 6 more premieres come in April on COSMOTE TV COSMOTE TV’s program is enriched with 6 more series, including the 4th cycle of “Walker” (Thursday 4/4, 21.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD – 24 hours after America) with Jared Pantalecki (Supernatural), the drama series “The Marlow Murder Club” (Monday 8/4, 22.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD) and “Big Mood” (Friday 12/4, 21.00, COSMOTE SERIES HD), a humorously realistic depiction of the lives of the millennials. Within April viewers will also attend the sequel to the horror comedy “Wreck” (2nd season – Saturday 13/4, 21.00, COSMOTE SERIES MARATHON HD), the comedy “Dinner With The Parents ” (Friday 19/4 – 24 hours after America), but also the drama series “Dirty Snow” (Friday 26/4, 18.00, COSMOTE SERIES MARATHON HD), which explores the doping scandal that shocked the world of skiing during the 2001 World Championship in Lahti, Finland.