Earthquake in the Cypriot Gulf: Serious damage to buildings in Zacharo

Damages were recorded in by the 5.7 Richter in Kyparissia on Friday morning (29.03.2024). According to, the Municipality of Zacharo in Ilia was the most affected by the earthquake, after damage suffered the Zacharo stadium (there are cracks on the walls of the stands and in the halls of the locker rooms), old buildings and bridges, and some old mantrots collapsed. Mayor Costas Mitropoulos stressed that “according to the first checks carried out by our workshops, damage to the stadium facilities has been recorded”, adding that “they will be closed for a few days for reasons of protection. But there will also be a second check at the stage to draw more secure conclusions on the magnitude of damage.” Please note that by the time the controls are completed, only the track and football field will operate. Also, Mayor Zacharo said that “breaks have been recorded in old bridges and old houses, as well as in walled houses within the city of Zacharo”. However, as he pointed out, ‘there will be a total picture of the damage when checks by engineers are completed’. The announcement of the municipality of Zacharo For the wounds that Encelados left in the area, the Municipality of Zacharo stressed in a communication: “The Municipality of Zacharo after the strong earthquake that occurred in our region, informs that steps of the technical services carried out checks on school units and meeting places for the safety of students and citizens. People are requested to check their homes and if they find material damage from the earthquake, inform the Department of Civil Protection of our Municipality on the following phones: 2625360301-317. We also inform parents that the Schools, the Children’s Station and the Zacharo Municipality’s KDAP, suspend their operation for today (p.p. yesterday) Friday, March 29, 2024. We call on citizens to remain calm. The phenomenon is evolving smoothly.” Problems in the municipality of Andretsinas-Krestenas caused several serious problems, as well as in the municipality of Andretsinas-Krestenas, since cracks were recorded in schools in the area, while there was also a problem in the Cultural- Spiritual center of Kallikomos, where an external wall has come around dangerously, resulting directly the president of the community Thanasis Zogogiannis, to place ribbons that prohibit the weighting of vehicles, since the “harmed” wall can collapse and cause significant material damage. “The greatest damage has been done in the cultural centre of the community and we have already done all the necessary energy, so that there is not the slightest danger to our fellow citizens,” Mr. Zogogiannis pointed out. Mayor Andritsainas – Krestenas Sakis Baliikos on his part, stressed at that the municipality records all the problems that have been presented, highlighting features. “The first controls showed that there are some cracks in schools in the region, further checks will be carried out to determine the severity of the situation. Also in the Cultural – Spiritual Center of Kallikomou an external wall has come around dangerously and there must be a lot of attention from the citizens to avoid unpleasant situations. There are other problems in the municipality that will be counted in the next few hours to know their total size.”