e-EFCA – DYPA: The ‘Map’ of payments from 11 to 15 March

During the period 11 to 15 March, EUR 89,328,030 will be paid to 80,380 beneficiaries in the context of its planned payments and the Public Employment Service ( ). 1. The following payments will be made by the e-EFKA between 11 and 15 March in the framework of the Agency’s regular payments: From 11 to 15 March 25,600,000 euros will be paid to 1030 beneficiaries following a one-off decision. On 14 March, EUR 228,030 will be paid to 200 beneficiaries for the payment of maternity, maternity, sickness, accident, funeral expenses. 2. The following payments will be made from the IPP: EUR 30 million to 54,000 beneficiaries for unemployment benefits and other benefits. EUR 18 million to 19 000 beneficiaries under subsidised employment programmes. EUR 2 million to 4000 beneficiaries under subsidised public-benefit programmes. EUR 12 million to 150 beneficiaries of my Home programme. EUR 1.5 million in 2000 mothers for subsidised maternity leave.