New de-pollution in Attica: By order of Nikos Chardalias the posters of the KKE are also ripped out

In the scrap that had been illegally placed – this time – by the KKE they have moved on in the last hours, workshops of the Region of Attica, at his command. Already, on the occasion of the rally organized by the KKE on Monday 11 March, in the Constitution. This is the third… “crust”, as the illegal detachment by the head of LAOS and a member of the Regional Council, Philip Kampouris, has preceded, but also by the President of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, when the workshops of the District had even indulged in a unique… “clefto-war”, in previous weeks, with members of SYRIZA-PS who repositioned the illegal posters every night. Cases for which – both, as noted by the Region of Attica – the maximum fines provided for by the law have already been imposed. “The misery concerning arbitrariness against the urban environment continues,” they stressed partners of Nikos Chardalias, adding that the Regional Chief of Attica will not allow any discount on this issue. “The law has no party sign. And in these matters Mr. Hardalias will not take a half step back,” they noted with meaning, stressing that – and in this case – the “khanas” will be heavy and the planned fines will be awarded normally. “Exclusions are not made for anyone”, they noted features.