e-EFCA – DYPA: The ‘Map’ of payments from 1 to 5 April

During the period 1 to 5 April, EUR 102,657,345 will be paid to 127,906 beneficiaries, as part of its planned payments and the Public Employment Service ( ). 1. The following payments will be made by the e-EFKA in the framework of regular payments by the Agency: From 2 to 5 April, 16,600,000 euros will be paid to 680 beneficiaries following a one-off decision. On 3 April, 450 beneficiaries will be paid EUR 333,600 for TAUTO Benefits On April 5 will be paid to 29,666 beneficiaries 12,723.745 for Maternity, Cyphoria, Disease, Accident, Funeral expenses. 2. The following payments will be made from IPP: EUR 35 million to 63 000 beneficiaries for unemployment benefits and other benefits. EUR 19 million to 20,000 beneficiaries under subsidised employment programmes. EUR 9 million to 110 beneficiaries of my Home programme. 10m euros to 14,000 mothers for subsidised maternity leave.