National road Athens – Lamia: Chase a stolen car with an arrest

The completed with the officers handcuffing the stolen car driver. Her, has cameras that helped the work of the authorities… Scenes from a film, took place this morning on the Athens – Lamia highway, with a stolen car moving towards Northern Greece. The young driver of the stolen vehicle, as it turned out in retrospect, was a young foreigner from Syria, whose name has once again been involved in theft, but also in transfers of irregular immigrants from the border, but for asylum reasons he remains out of prison in our country. What the young thief had not taken into consideration was that the new and spacious model he had chosen to steal had a GPS system, resulting in the theft being perceived as being monitored. The center of “100” in Fthiotida, set the forces on the highway on alert, with the black vehicle initially being located just outside the Burning Vurla and then in Thermopyla. A vehicle from the 2nd Autumn Motorway Department managed to follow it and shortly after the crossing of Bralos to find himself in front of him to cut off his road. The young man then tried to avoid it and rushed into the new exit to Karpenisi, but the police proved to be even more capable and they managed to change course as well, entering the junction with E65. According to, within the entrance of E65, the crew of the Second TT Autumn Highways again managed to pass it, while another vehicle of the same service had also arrived from behind blocking it, in the middle of the road. At this point two more stations of the D.A. of Fthiotida arrived very quickly, including police officers of the Lamia Security Sub-Directorate who took over the preliminary questioning, as it is a well-known figure that employs the authorities. The stolen vehicle was confiscated and returned to its owner, fortunately without any damage.