Domestic violence in Alexandroupolis: A woman was arrested. She filed a restraining order against her husband.

The woman’s complaint to , causes reactions and many conversations. Or was the cause of her divorce. But a few days ago, she was found in handcuffs and she… New incident with domestic violence, comes this time from Alexandroupolis. According to the woman’s complaint, after 11 years of constant abuse by her husband (woods and violent outbursts), she decided to leave him with their two children, aged 6 and 10. But the difficult things seem to have not stopped. The woman was found a few days ago in handcuffs after her ex-husband sued her. It argues that it does not comply with the conditions of the measures imposed. “He called when we broke up and said that wherever he finds me he will kill me. I sued him, I was afraid. On the way back from work, I was looking behind me for him to show up and kill me. I was telling my kids, in case I don’t come back from work you should know that he killed me,” he told Mega. Against him he filed an injunction suit, while still awaiting the decision to issue the divorce. However, three days ago, police officers handcuffed her after her husband’s lawsuit, that she does not respect the terms of the measures, as she does not allow him to see his children. “They tell me you have to come with us to the police station, he has sued you that the measures are not respected. My kids don’t want him, why should I go to the station? I was told the procedure should be followed. I say ‘we are in my workplace, is it possible?’ I was humiliated in front of customers, employees, two police officers came and took me in the police car.” “We went to the station, they took my statement, then they told me to get fingerprints. It wasn’t just fingerprints. They took pictures of me, I cried and they said, ‘Don’t cry, the picture won’t come out nice’, he adds. As she denounces: “A year ago, a clean Monday stay, when I got back from work I see him drunk. I said break up. He started cursing me in front of the kids, took an umbrella and broke it on my back, the kids were crying, my son was saying ‘stop.’ I went to sue and order. The children fear him, they said they don’t want to see him.” The woman denounces that her husband has always had violent behavior. “In 2017, on my birthday, he came back drunk. He knocked me down and kicked me with his foot in front of my child.” “He was arrested for domestic violence” “The decision of interim measures concerns nutrition, it has no injunctions to avoid it,” says the victim’s lawyer, Konstantina Kaitalidou. “Since there is an injunction decision setting out the father’s communication with the minor children apparently asked the father to arrest the mother”. As the lawyer says, the man had previously been arrested for domestic violence. “The police could, because the mother worked in a known supermarket chain, could end her time and then discreetly rather than in front of customers and colleagues, i.e. be humiliated”. “The mother is accused of refusing to implement a court decision while that is not true, does not affect children negatively on not seeing their father,” she adds.