Alonissos: In the young man’s surgery after a dog attack that cut off part of his lips

Resurrected or by the animal’s attack and serious injury to the young man. He jumped and bit the unfortunate man on the lips… Alonissos was at the center of Chiknofifth, for the serious injury of a young dog. The unfortunate man was transported to a hospital in Volos and was taken to surgery. He remains for hospitalization with doctors trying to restore the problem to the lips, from the bites of the wild animal. The causes and conditions of the attack have not yet been clarified. A 33-year-old man from the islands of the Northern Sporades, who was brutally attacked by a dog, was taken to Volos Hospital. According to the, the young man was transported at about 20.30 in the evening by private boat from the port of Alonissos, to the port of Volos and from there by ambulance of EKAB to “Hilopoulos” in order to be hospitalized. Information reports that the dog bit him on the lips and amputated the lower lip of the young man, with doctors fighting the battle of rehabilitation.