Dimitris Kokotas: The doctors will try to wake him up.

In critical but stable condition is today (01.04.2024) , who has remained intubated in ICU since Thursday. Today there may be an attempt to wake him up. Doctors who monitor the singer’s health course are cautiously optimistic and want to make an effort to wake him up to see how his organization reacts. Dimitris Kokotas for the last 24 hours is hospitalized in ICU after a heart attack he suffered. According to “Espresso”, the results of the tests carried out by his treating physicians – not once, but twice – did not show anything alarming in his brain, which makes them hope to come out victorious in this battle. It is recalled that Dimitris Kokotas began to feel intense discomfort last Thursday afternoon, while he was in rehearsal at the studio of “J2US” along with his partner in the show Trajana Anania. Immediately his stylist, Kostas Zissis, called 911 and once connected with a doctor gave the phone to the singer, who described his symptoms. After 20 minutes the EKAB rescuer arrived at the studio and shortly afterwards the ambulance that carried the artist to the hospital “G. Gennimatas”. On the way, however, Dimitris Kokotas had the second, most powerful, heart attack, with doctors in the hospital’s emergency room making a huge effort to deal with his condition. As reported in the medical announcement, the singer “was cardiac arrest, recovery efforts were made, intubated and rushed into the hospital’s Hemodynamic Unit.” On the side of the son of the memorable Stamatis Kokota is all these days his wife who does not lose her hope.