Dimitris Kokotas: Doctors’ efforts to untub him continue – What his wife said

Today Wednesday, April 3 or tomorrow Thursday (04.04.2024) there will be a new attempt to drain him. The popular singer still fights his battle after and after he suffered. The latest on the health of the favorite singer Dimitris Kokotas, who has been hospitalized in “George Gennimatas”, following a heart attack and heart attack, was transferred by George Liagas. As the presenter said, citing doctors, there is a stability that is considered good at this stage. On Wednesday or Thursday, he’s going to try again. His wife, Katerina Kokota Petraki, spoke at Breakfast, pointing out features: “An effort has begun, which is taking place at a very slow pace, as doctors have said. This is what we expect.” For the love action done by his friend, designer Eroscrito, he said: “It is one of the moves made by every man who feels the need to do it. Many such moves could be made and I would not be informed. A friend who’s out of space, a completely unrelated girl happens to meet him, asked me. So because I trust her I clearly gave her permission because it’s something positive. I wouldn’t object if they hadn’t asked me. It is very beautiful what is happening.”