Daniel for the Cup Final: ‘Until 15 April final decisions’

Angel Daniel, chairman of the EPO Organizations Committee in his statements said that by 15 April the final decisions will be made regarding the final in the . Angel Daniel spoke to Metropolis radio station about the final in the Greek Cup, with the president of the EPO Organizations Committee stressing that by 15 April the final decisions for the seat of the race will be made. In fact, he pointed out that no one wants the game to be done without spectators, but this requires the facilities to be safe. “No one believes that a closed-door final will be the ideal. But at some point we have to see if we’re ready. With the facilities we have, is a world final safe? There are only 12 stadiums with conditions to accommodate a match like the final cup. Tell me a UEFA specification field… There is now a commitment that by 17 it should have cleared up the landscape, so by 15 April there will be final decisions. There should be a field from the beginning that always becomes the final. Like the Berlin Olympic Stadium in Germany. Even when Herta went to the final she played there, even though it was her seat. Unfortunately we are talking about a country very poor in home infrastructure” was the words of Angel Daniel.