Critical the week before the coveted Eurogroup

On the edge are the consultation with the lenders, with the next few days to be…
extremely crucial in order to overcome all the obstacles and complete the evaluation.
The evolution of the thriller will be judged by the backroom negotiations that are in view after a short break for Easter, while an important factor in the talks will play, and the estimates of Eurostat for the years 2016 and 2017, which will be published the Tuesday after Easter.
According to the “Ethnos of Sunday”, probably on Wednesday, the head of the Eurogroup called for a meeting of the Finance ministers of Greece, Germany, France, Euclid Thanksgiving, Wolfgang Schäuble and Michel Σαπέν, in the presence of the heads of the three institutions (ECB, Commission, IMF), Mario Draghi, Jean-Claude Juncker and Christine Lagarde, in order to pave the way for the Eurogroup of 9 May.
The discussions of the next few days will focus on the preventive mechanism and the measures for the debt, and more specifically on divergences between Athens and lenders, but also in the different approaches of the quartet.
And while the financial staff trying to get a green light in a week, the president of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem said: “Greece cannot adopt measures which could not enter into force”. “The Ecofin council of Amsterdam we have made significant progress. There is an agreement in principle in relation to the first package equivalent to 3% of GDP. Missing the agreement for the second chapter, the automatic emergency measures in the event that Athens does not achieve the primary surplus of 3.5% in 2018. The forecasts diverge, the IMF wishes to have a safety. The problem is that this is hard,” he said.
The issue of debt is also one of the key issues that the Greek government is seeking to get on the table and put within the framework of the agreement.
For its part, the representative of Pierre Moscovici, Annika Μπάιτχαρτ, noted that “the European Commission continues to work with the Greek authorities, the quartet of the lenders and the member-states of the final elements of a comprehensive package of measures that will comply with the letter and spirit of the declaration of the Summit of the Euro zone last July.”