Created the largest 3D map of space! [video]

    It was 1905 when Einstein published the theory, which would bring revolution in the field of physics, but also in the study of the world. The theory of Special Relativity…
    In this, among many more conclusions, Einstein claimed that the speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the source. A few years later, in 1915, he proceeded in the General Relativity, which proved that gravity is essentially a distortion of space-time.
    The theories of Einstein gave a big push to astrophysicists, so that they can study a lot more the behavior and evolution of the universe. However, the accelerated expansion of the world, he put many questions in the minds of the scientists. Many were those who questioned the validity of Einstein’s equations, but the whole of the theory of relativity.
    However, General Relativity is confirmed by so many signs and is now considered a given accuracy. A recent experiment, an international research team, made sure to prove the most clear way how the great physicist, he was absolutely right.
    Using data from the telescope Subaru, the team from the university of Tokyo has created the largest and “deepest” three-dimensional map of space as today. The map of the japanese university included more than 3,000 galaxies, while the dimensions of the corresponding to 13 billion light-years!
    To test Einstein’s theory, the team used information collected from the FastSound Project in the previous years. With head Dr. Teppei Okumura, the researchers tried to ascertain the source of the origin of cosmic “acceleration”, studying the shifts of the galaxies from the data of the telescope Subaru.
    The range and deepening of the research is highly commendable, as this is perhaps the largest study of its speed, the distances and the behavior of galaxies. The distance of 13 billion light-years that reached the investigation, had not been carried out ever again. In each respective survey, the number of billions was one.
    This enormous investigation, so it proved once again (with a fully emphatic way) that the greatest physicist of the 20th century was absolutely right. By comparing the results with what we provided for in the General Relativity and the cosmological constant, the investigation gave the green light.
    “We looked at the General Relativity to the extent that no one had done. It is a privilege for us the fact that we publish our results, almost a century after this sensational discovery,” said mr. Okumura.
    One could say that the only mistake of Einstein was that he never believed in the cosmological constant, which he discovered. She had even stated that it was the biggest failure of the! The indications, however, evidence to the contrary…