Closed doors the testimony of the sailing athlete about the rape by her coach

Closed doors began testifying at the Mixed Orctuary Court of Appeals the athlete who had denounced her sexual abuse by her. The case began to be tried to a second degree in the Court of Appeal with the young athlete re-applying, as did the Court of First Instance to testify behind closed doors in the case for her coach. However, the coach’s defense reacted, saying that the young woman has published through interviews her testimony. Still, as they said, the advocates of the accused sailing ship today are shown a documentary at the Thessaloniki festival in which the complainant appears to be talking about her case. Answering questions from the president the young athlete clarified that “in the documentary there are no details is a general context that speaks generally about women who have been abused in Greece.” Finally, on the basis of a proposal from the prosecutor, the court decided that the complainant would testify in secret without the presence of journalists and audiences. In the first place the former athlete’s coach was sentenced to 13 years in prison, without extenuating and without parole. By a marginal majority, however, the 39-year-old was relieved of the charge of rape in a continuous manner. Subsequently, however, an appeal was brought by the appeals prosecutor and now the defendant is again confronted with the rape charge.