CEAO: With a ‘click’ all obligations of entrepreneurs to the Funds

A new digital step was completed today with the new upgraded environment of its Electronic Services that was put into service, facilitating the transactions of debtors with the Body. As part of the immediate and effective service of debtors, procedures are simplified. Henceforth, the monitoring and management of outstanding debts will not require any separate certification, or connection by debtor registry. The connection to CEAO’s Electronic Services is carried out with the debtor’s personal TaxisNet codes, by following the route: Menu > Electronic Services > Electronic CEAO Services. In the new environment, the debtor is now given access from a point, in a consolidated picture of all his registers, regardless of the Agency of origin of the debt (e.g. IKA-ETAM, TEAEE, T.O.A., T. TSMEDE, now e-EFKA, etc.). It should be noted that debtors already certified in the CEF’s Electronic Services may use the codes they already have. It is clarified that in the new upgraded environment of the CEA’s Electronic Services each debtor can monitor and manage only the outstanding debts, which are confirmed in the Tax Register Number (A.F. M.)’s and not any debts, assured to A.F. M. a third person for whom he is legally responsible (e.g. debtors of directors and partner legal persons).