Cart of Lent: In force from 13 March – Which products are included

It will enter into force from the day after tomorrow (Wednesday 13.03. 24), as the relevant decision (18680/05-03-2024) was published in the Government Journal and will last until 4 May. It is noted that “Kalathi” removes product categories related to the Christmas season and additional categories of goods are added for the Lent period. For the product categories included in the ‘household basket’, the undertakings responsible shall send the Ministry of Development the relevant list of products and in particular at least one product from each product group included in the ‘basket’. Where provided, the debtors must include in the list which they send to the Ministry at least one product of a surname label. The obligation excludes undertakings that do not have brand labeled consumer products in the relevant category. The categories of products included in the household basket are: Rice Bread for toast Fragola bread (standardized/ packaged) Macaroni toasts No. 6 All-purpose flour legumes Legume vegetables Legume vegetables Turkey Parsa (other) Frozen fish Fresh pork (packed or not) Fresh chicken (packed or not) Fresh beef (packed or not) Fresh full milk fresh with low fat High pasteurization milk (long-lasting) full High pasteurisation milk (long-lasting) with low-fat milk heavy yoghurt milk Cow milk yoghurt without low fat flavors Cheese feta White cheese Cheese gouda Cheese with low fat Tomato juice preserved Eggs (clove and barn) Pearls Olive oil Sunflower oil Frozen vegetables (at least two of peas, okra, beans) White sugar Sweeteners suitable for diabetic oatmeal products (at least one) Baby cream Infantry milk Greek coffee Instant coffee French coffee Orange juice Laundry detergents (liquid and powdered – not tablets) Mopping and cleaning detergents – bleaching dishes for hand washing Kitchen paper Health paper Toothdrops Servers or Taboon Shampoo Soaps in solid condition Incontinence diapers Babies’ diapers Baby shampoo Shampoos Dog food Cat food From 13 March to 4 May Lent cart: Halvas Island Salads (salts – e.g. eggplant salads, taramosalates, etc.) Frozen seafood (at least two species) Officials must send the Ministry of Development the list of products on a weekly basis every Wednesday through 9:00. The mailing of the list of products for enterprises that are obliged to send data to the e-katanalotis electronic platform is done through the platform and for other businesses the list is sent by a list sent to [email protected] (a) By means of a specific mark placed on the products or on the physical or electronic sales site or in any means by which the products are advertised to the consumer, (b) By posting, at the entrance of each store, a clear list/list of the products that make up the basket of the household and the prices to which the products are offered, (c) By means of a separate point of sale, in a prominent position of the store in which the products are placed and made available to the consumer together. The special mark is mandatoryly placed next to the purchase price indication of each product that has been included in the ‘house basket’ on the shelf on a distinct label. It is recalled that companies participating in the initiative can gain access to the special trade mark by sending a request to the e-mail address [email protected], they must ensure the adequacy of the products involved in the basket and that administrative penalties are imposed for undertakings that violate the legislation.