CAUTION! If you see something on your teeth to go straight to the dentist [photos]

When he saw the dentist the Gums, he did not believe in his Eyes! Watch out… it’s not your Own!
As all we understand, Emily Lallouz, a young woman from Burbank, California (USA), was not at all excited that I had to go to the dentist. What happened there led to the publication of the rage of the message.
The dentist had arranged for the surgery, when she asked the patient if he used a particular toothpaste. Weird Emily, confirmed that he was using her toothpaste and was shocked when he showed her a blue sign that was in the teeth, just under the gums. This piece is called micro-plastic was stuck on her teeth and cause infection if left there.

Polyethylene is found in many cosmetic products and exfoliating products. Emily was shocked by the doctor’s words. The micro-plastic is not only dangerous for the people.
Eventually ends up in the ocean because the filters can’t stop it. Eat the fish and then comes back to our table. And who wants to eat plastic?

In Germany such toothpastes have been banned.

The dangerous synthetic is found in many cosmetics. Try to avoid the use of products with the following ingredients:a Source of