Can you believe this Putin! A 12-year-old girl asked him a gift for Christmas and he… [video]

    Russian president Putin may be…
    it is well-known around the globe for the hard of face, and the dynamism, but, as it seems he has a tender human side. This at least proves the video posted in the Russian media and shows the 12-year-old Russian girl Olga Μαρουσένκο to take care of it is with emotion that the gift received by president Putin.
    The 12-year-old hails from the village of Bailey Yar, east Siberia, and he wanted very much to have a puppy husky, but, as her family is poor and couldn’t buy it, the little one decided to ask the same president Putin! In the letter he wrote to the Russian president the 12-year-old Olga promised him that, if he does the new year’s gift that she wants, she is going to be a good student and would take care of the puppy. The girl’s mother wrote in the letter that it consents to the acquisition of the dog. A few days later he arrived at the door of Olga, a beautiful puppy husky, which brought a representative of the governor of the Republic of Χακασίας, Michael Κοζάκοφ, on behalf of the president Putin.
    Olga excited, he hugged the beautiful puppy and gave him to drink milk, while the younger sister was not mentioned the crying, after the Russian president sent a gift to her. Vladimir Putin has himself a dog, Bulgarian shepherd dogs (Karakachan Bear Dog) while in 2013 he founded the foundation for the protection of Siberian tiger is threatened with extinction.