Incredible but true! With this technique you’ll sleep in just a… 60 seconds

There’s not many people who can’t sleep easily at night…
Else because he thinks the problems of the day, the other because he ate a little more, it is difficult to fall asleep and quite a few of us buzz around in bed counting sheep.
But not anymore, as the specialist of sleep, American scientist, Andrew Weil, comes to solve quickly and easily the problem!
The Weil promises that whoever follows the five steps of the method, which does not require any tool and can be done in any space, will ensure a good and peaceful sleep in sixty seconds. The scientist proposes the method for the management of anger.
These are the five steps of dr Andrew Weil for a good and fast sleep.
1. Exhale through the mouth making a sound like a blast
2. Close the mouth and inhale slowly through your nose counting from the inside until the 4.
3. Hold your breath and count to 7.
4. Exhale through the mouth making a sound like a blast and count to 8.
5. Take a breath. Now inhale again and repeat three more times, taking a total of four breaths.
And 6. Sweet dreams!