Cabana: With pleasant news from the Tambu of Andrew George and the 17 threads to the Psychodaughter who will become Marinella!

DIN Sunday today and I will keep the cabanas’ habit of knocking again only for pleasant news. And because the truth… out there, but in her space too, is often difficult and cruel, we will find pleasant in the realm of fiction! DAN DIN New series from MEGA by the hand of Vanas Dimitrios. In order not to be confused, I stress again that the “Eilland” will continue the following season, while the new series, Tabu as its title, is predicted to be aired twice a week and its history will evolve in Ioannina. The director of the Andreas Georgiou series with co-producer Koulis Nikolaou have already visited the mainland to “close” the houses that will inhabit the 8 central figures of history, aged 35 to 45 years, but also the many young students. You see the city’s choice has not been made by chance, as the University of Ioannina will be… a point of reference for much that will happen in the new erotic police series with many… mysteries deluding themselves into the lives of heroes. I will not betray more, but I will note that the choice of the title has not, of course, been made by chance, since taboos in the widest sense are also something that is treated by some, such as members of a family as a… forbidden topic of discussion! That’s all for now… and we’re moving on…! DAN DIN We remain at MEGA which, as I hear, the agreement with COSMOTE TV on “17 threads” has almost been locked. The subscribers of the platform have (we have!) already enjoyed the mini-series directed by Sotiris Tsafoulia and as they all show next season will join MEGA’s program so that the wider television audience can see it. To remind you that the series of six episodes is based on the book of Panos Dimakis (TV known as “Geraki” in Chase) prepared by Mirella Papakonomou and Katia Kissonergis. Its base is a true story that happened early in the last century, from 1906 to 1909 and tells one of the most massive murders our country has ever known. Central face of history, Antonis, a quiet shoemaker played by Panos Vlachos in an amazing performance. So while three national-wide private television stations of general content claim the screening of the series the agreement with MEGA is on the table and the signatures of the two sides are preparing to fall. DAN DIN At the ALPHA table are the second cycles of the series “Doctor” and “Fears in the bell tower”. For the first time the scenarios are more optimistic, changing as I learn “hands” of production, but for the Murders there are some difficulties that so far seem to lead to a cancellation of its production. No, we said today the Bells won’t strike sadly, so I’ll report that ALPHA intends to compensate viewers in turn “The curse of Jelas Delafraga” by Michael Reppa and Thanasis Papathanasiou, since as I learn even in filming falls a lot of laughter. DAN DIN The definitive decisions on their own fictional productions will make these days and on ANT1. Definitive is the end of the series “The first of us” that will not… upset many viewers, unlike the “traped” loved by a large portion of viewers, but as everything shows the series will be completed this season as those responsible do not want to… overflow its history. Of course they still have not made a final decision on the Amarusius channel, so let the fanatics of the series hold a hope… even if (must) be small…! DAN DIN From the small screen we go to the great where another good news comes for the film prepared with the life of Stelios Kazantzidis directed by George Ceberopoulos, written by Katerina Bey and produced by Tanweer (Happiness, my favorite, Slayer etc). As first months ago I made public through the Bells, the folk singer in the film “Stelios Kazantzidis: I exist” Christos Mastoras will incarnate, while Kate Gray will be Clelia Renesis. So according to my valid information Marinella, the leading performer, but also Kazantzidis’ wife, will be played by Silver Buliotis. The young actress recommended this year as “Miss”, one of the main (great! ) “Psychophores” managed with the tests he made to win the film’s managers and performers, as well as singers. Besides her acting talent, in Psychokores we also find her singing skills after the young actress performs the “Monopati”, the rebetiko song in music by George Mousakis and lyrics by Aleksos Sakelarios -Christos Giannakopoulos who, with a careful adaptation of Stamatis Stamatakis -Gueruncia, have “dressed” the titles of the successful series. Note her name because I appreciate that she will continue to concern us positively with her interpretations and rightly expect to see how she will play our great Marinella in the film that will be released in the halls shortly before the end of the year. DAN DIN With a big screen quiz, we’ll close the column. So while everything seemed that soon its production would begin, the creators broke up with the company and more… credible new sponsors are being sought! DAN DIN Even a key factor in wanting to act his film dream negotiates another… talent, giving priority to anyone who cares about the double… package! DAN DIN DAN DIN DAN