Button: Tuition at the University forces students to look for sugar daddies

“The bill is a real excrement from the beginning to the end, which despite the coronation of lies and propaganda, even in controlled polls, seems to have half of the society against it,” said KKE’s secretary general speaking in plenary, about . Dimitris Koutsumbas, speaking of non-state universities, argued that “the government promotes the University of the market, crafted by EU lobbyists” and “establish degrees with honor instead of degrees with value, which students want” He unpublished the Scandinavian model proposed by PASOK, saying that “the imposition of tuition forces students to look for sugar daddies to cover their studies”, adding that “well you should find another capitalist example to copy”. The Secretary-General of the Communist Party, referring to the Government, said that “for a few months in the effort to defend the unacceptable bill you have given a recital of slander and mockery, the Prime Minister slandered students that they are acting like robbers and say they are a minority… and stressed that “you have lost the eggs and the stakes, you have also made a tutorial to the SGC who sees the back of the Panducist” and your logic is that “where there is no reason to fall a rod as you did in Komotini, but these are…”