Giannis Antetokounbo: “You need an entire village to mark him,” Steve Kerr said after Warriors – Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks were defeated with… hands down in San Francisco, but Golden State Warriors coach, “desecrated” him. Gouriers won Milwaukee Bucks with 125-90 “limiting” John Antetokounbo to 23 points, with “Greek freak” returning from injury problem and absence of a 2 match. After the end of the match the coach of the “warmen”, Steve Kerr, he talked about how hard it is to mark John. Antetokounbo, saying features that “you need an entire… village to mark this guy.” In particular, Kerr said: “It is very difficult to face a player like John. We had to use players with different features on them. We put in Dramont (Green), put Looney, Kuminga, and even Trace. You need a whole… village to mark this guy and we definitely needed everyone. I think we did a very good job on this piece.”