Bundesliga: Leverkusen won by overthrow and is found a breath from the league

Bayer Leverkusen defeated Hoffemheim at home, with Chabi Alonso’s “aspirins” being closer and closer to winning this year’s Bundesliga. Bayer Leverkusen does not bend for anything, with his excellent team Champion Alonso winning home Hofemheim by overthrow and increasing its difference with the second Bayern Munich to 13 points. The “aspirins” although they were back in the score thanks to Beyer’s 33–1 goal, managed to reach the overturn with two goals in the match finale. Andrich in 88′ and Sik in 90+1 signed the overturn for Leverkusen, who got another win in the league and shows that only if he kills himself will he lose the title. Saturday’s results at Bundesliga Leverkusen – Hoffenheim 2-1 Gladbach – Freiburg 0-3 Indracht – Union Berlin 0-0 Leipzig – Mainz 0-0 Verder Bremen – Wolfsburg 0-2