Anastasia Andreadis set a nationwide record in women’s shooting

Anastasia Andreades made a new Panhellenic shot at women K18, with the young athlete having a shot at 17.75 meters. Anastasia Andreades made a great appearance in the developmental drop cup that took place at the premises of Agios Kosmas, with the young athlete even achieving a new Panhellenic record in women’s shooting K18, with a shot at 17.75 meters. “I am very satisfied. It was a very good fight. After the Panhellenic record, I chased more. He didn’t come out. It’s okay. From now on, I want bigger shots and such games with great measures. The European championship is the major goal of the year. I don’t say many things, be well and see” were her own words after the end of the race. See this post on Instagram. Andreadi started with a shot at 16.97 meters, to follow the next one at 17.76 m and had another one at 17.35 metres. It is worth noting that the athlete of Takis Unyfantis had two invalid efforts and completed the match with a shot at 16.45.