British ship shot down two Huthi drones in the Red Sea

Britain’s Defence Minister Grant Saps made known that a British Navy ship shot down two offensive drones launched by Yemeni rebels in . British forces participate together with the American and French forces, among other countries, in the protection of shipping routes in the Red Sea, after the beginning of the Yemeni Huthi attacks on ships in this marine area. “Last night, the HMS Richmond frigate used Sea Ceptor rockets to shoot down two offensive drones – successfully repelling another illegal attack by the Huthi supported by Iran,” said Saps in a post on twitter. Last night, HMS Richmond used its Sea Ceptor missiles to shoot down two attack drones – successfully repelling yet anotherillegal attack by the Iranian backed Hoothis. The UK and our allies will continue to take the action necessary to save lives and protect freedom of… — Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (@grandshapps) “The United Kingdom and our allies will continue to take the necessary measures to save lives and protect the freedom of navigation,” he added.