Constantine Christophorus for Eurovision: I was told, what does this loser want to go for?

The people who believed in him and who were a “station” in his career, but also in his participation in referring to him today (09.03.2024) on the show “You still saw nothing!”, Constantine Christophoros praised Giannis Parios and Anna Vissi, spoke about the performances he is making with Peggy Xena and commented on the participation of Greece in Eurovision. “Yiannis Parios was one of the people who helped me and perhaps he is the most substantial help I have ever been given with the duet we made. He is the man who helped me do a restart in my career,” the Cypriot singer stressed. “The other pillar that helped me is Anna Vissi. Giannis Parios and Anna are both stable in my career. Without Anna, I might have been none of what I am now. Even recently that we worked together in Cyprus he gave me things generously, while he did not have to do so is Anna Vissi”. He did not fail to mention Angela Demetriou with whom: “We find ourselves much more often. At times when I needed it helped me and I was there for her.” Constantine Christophorus performs with Peggy Xena at the Mezzo Athens Party Stage. “With Peggy Xena we made some appearances in “Souths” in Cyprus, where it was the first time we worked together even though we were 25 years of best friends. That’s where we seemed to fit in. No doubt she’s a great singer with a brilliant career. He’s got great music skills, and because I have musical knowledge, we’re a great match. Peggy besides a great singer is also a great friend that you can rely on.” Asked about the song “Zari” by which Marina Satti will represent us in this year’s Eurovision, Constantine Christophorus did not chew his words: “The song “Sari” whether you like it or not you can’t say it’s not a sentence. It’s got a weird and a musical alloy. Marina’s talented. The video has a little bit of this neokits that I really liked. However, I don’t know if I like the song. Eurovision wants something. The dice will fall down or down or six, there is no middle solution.” As for the attempt he had made to go to Eurovision for the fourth time he revealed that some people were saying “What does this loser want to go for? “ It’s just that I’ve been thinking. ”