Blocking for a match to two Fenerbahce players – Closures the Trumpzonspor field for six games

The Turkish federation’s decisions on the tragic events that took place in its game with, in Trabzonda and the angry suspension of the hosts. The disciplinary football council (PFDK) of the Turkish football federation (TFF) announced the penalties for the incidents that occurred at the end of the Trumpzonspor-Fenerbahce match (2–3) for the 30th league race in Turkey. Trabzonspor was fined £6 million and a six-race sentence without spectators on her field due to incidents caused by her fans. He punished Dutch defender of Fenerbahce Jaden Owstervolde, who kicked a fan and fined £52 thousand, imposed an exclusion of a player of Fenerbahce Ifran Chan Egribayat due to “unsporting behavior”, towards the stand of the opposing team and fighting with a fan of the opposing team, while he considered that there was no reason to impose punishment on Fenerbahce footballer Bright Osagi-Samuel. The assistant coach Trumpzonspor, Egmen Corkmaz, was fined £13 thousand and a ban on entering the locker room and bench in an official match due to his action in battle with a player of the opposing team, while with 15 days of deprivation of rights Fenerbahce, Kursat Chiftlik and Okan Ozkan, were punished for their actions in the same match. PFDK kararları açıklandı. Oosterwolde v İrfan Can Eğribayat 1 maç ceza aldı. Osayi ceza almadı. Trabzonspor’un sahası 6 maç kapatıldı. — Yağız Sabuncuoğlu (@yagosabuncuoglu) Trumpzonspor did not take long to show her intense annoyance for the sentence imposed on her by the Turkish federation. ADALETİNİZ BATSIN! KALKIN KOLTUKLARINIZDAN, İSTİFA EDİN! — Trabzonspor (@Trabzonspor) “Fuck justice. Get up from your chairs and resign,” the Turkish team says in a post shortly after the decision was made.