BlackRock: ‘Green light’ for equity investments and in the second quarter of 2024

Positive on taking risks from shares and during the second quarter is BlackRock, according to her report. The investment bank “severes” in the decline of inflation, in the expectations of interest rate cuts and in strong corporate profits, considering that a favourable climate for investment is being created. Without excluding corrective movements in the short term BlackRock points out that there are all the conditions for continuing the positive model throughout 2024, judging that shares are in a good position to overcome bonds and financial markets this year, although high valuations show that investors should be selective. At the same time, it points out that central banks have recently given markets an expected optimism, leading the bank to a position in favour of risk with a horizon of six to 12 months, at the beginning of the second quarter. “We remain overweight in American shares, but we prepare to change attitudes if renewed inflation spoils the climate,” BlackRock points out, adding that it also strengthens overweight positions for Japanese shares.