Answer Acrita to Adoni for Mareva Grabovski: It’s a April joke to apologize, not bully me.

He gave him or through Facebook posts. Adonis Georgiadis had said that it is unacceptable for Elena Acrita to target Prime Minister Mareva Mitsotakis’s wife – Grabovsky, wondering features “what do they want to break up the house of Mitsotakis?”. She said Mrs. Akrita should apologize for what she said about Mrs. Grabovski. Elena Acrita response saying features that “reasonably this is a primal joke. Because it’s a laugh even though he said it himself with straight face – that’s what the most successful jokes are called. It lists points that Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his wife must explain. He even launches an attack on Adonis Georgiadis saying that “ah, and Mr. Adonis Georgiades no bullies to me. Being a Member of Parliament does not mean that I will chew my words.” Earlier Mr Georgiadis had said that “Mrs. Acritta is now a Member of Parliament. Is it possible for our political opponent to write such a libel about the wife of a political opponent? Isn’t he ashamed? Has he realized that a political opponent is Kyriakos Mitsotakis and not Mareva Mitsotakis? As a woman does she accept another woman to be a target of ruthless criticism every day just because she married a man? Isn’t he a disgrace? We’re living a case of man-eaters. Mrs Mareva Grabovski does not make statements, does not interfere, does not give interviews. She’s discreet, she doesn’t want to interfere with politics. Does Mrs. Acritta sit down and insult the Prime Minister’s wife? So what do they want to break up Mitsotaki’s house? I always thought and I was wrong that after the May election SYRIZA would understand that doing all these shameful things does not bring votes. They continue the same tromari, the same toxicity. Mrs. Acritta had to write a “sorry for getting you involved, Mrs. Mitsotakis”.