Apple producers: Suez compensation is being examined by the government

The Ministry of Rural Development and Food is closely examining the request for agricultural exports due to the damage suffered by the closure of the trade route by the Suez Canal, concerning the specific problem that has been created, with the action of the Huthi rebels. The problem faced by apple farmers in preventing commercial navigation by Yemen’s Huthi rebels is something that is taken seriously by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. As regards the claim for compensation raised, it is clarified that it is examined in the first place by the competent agency of the CSDP. In addition, it is stressed that the Minister for Rural Development and Food, Mr Avgenakis, within the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers held in Brussels on 26 March 2024, highlighted the negative impact the recent crisis in the Red Sea has had on the fruit and vegetable sector by closing the trade channel from the Suez Canal. This results in increased transport costs but also the great delay in deliveries by nearly 10-12 days. In addition, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (HPAAT) supports and promotes policy in the fruit and vegetables and apple sector through the Producer Organizations with a view to improving the competitiveness of the sector, the attractiveness of producer organisations and the specific objective of preserving and protecting the environment. Producer organisations through their operational programmes may implement actions relating to the promotion of their products, the improvement of the marketing of their products and the withdrawal of products from the market through free distribution in accordance with Can. Production, Reg. 891/2017, Reg. 89/2017, 1400/395263/22-12-2023 (OJ B 7430, 29-12-2023) Decision of the Minister and Deputy Minister for Rural Development and Food, as applicable. It is noted that, according to the EMAS (2023), in our country there are – 11- Organisations of Producers that include the apple among their recognized products: For information it is stated that apple crops in our country, according to the data of OSAT 2023, concern an area of 9004.29 ha. Finally, for the cultivation of apples has been issued by the competent Directorate of Crop and Plant Production Systems of the Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture, the No.957/275382/07.09.2023 (B’ 5534 – ADE: 9RI4653PGI-3FB) Ministerial Decision entitled ‘Determining the procedures for granting associated income support for apple cultivation — Intervention Code – P1-32.1 Support for Associated Income — Plant Production Other than Protein Crops, pursuant to Article 32 of Regulation (EU) 2021/2115 and Regulation (EU) No 2021/15 European Parliament and Council Strategic Plan for Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2021/2116’.