Ripley, Parasyte and 10 other Netflix series in April

April with dozens of premieres, important films and original documentary and series for all tastes has its library in Greece. See just a few of the series that come to Netflix in April and promise to keep you company. Ripley Tom Ripley, a con man who lives in New York City in the early 1960s, is hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy and try to convince his wandering son to return home. When Tom accepts the job, he takes the first step towards a complicated life of deceit, fraud and murder. The drama series of one season is based on the bestselling novels Tom Ripley by Patricia Heishith. Andrew Scott plays Tom Ripley, Dakota Fanning Marge Sherwood and Johnny Flynn plays Dickie Greenleaf. The rest of the cast includes Elliott Sumner, Maurizio Lombardi, Margerita Bui, John Malkovich, Kenneth Lonergan and Ann Cusack. “Ripley” is a co-production of Showtime and Endemol Shine North America in collaboration with Entertainment 360 and Filmrights. The production address is signed by Stephen Zalian, Garrett Bass, Clayton Townsend, Gimon Kasanti, Ben Forkner, Sharon Levy and Philippe Keel of Diogenes. Scott will also have a producer role in the series. The eight episodes of the series are directed and written by Stephen Zalian. Available from 04/04/2024 Parasyte: Grey / Parasyte: The Grey When unknown parasites forcefully use people as hosts, humanity is called upon to fight the growing threat. Available from 05/04/2024 Flight 601 / The Hijacking of Flight 601 In an hijacking, two flight attendants must fool the hijackers amid intense negotiations on air and ground. Based on real facts. Available from 10/04/2024 The Wings of Philosophy: Season 3 / As the Crow Flies: Season 3 As a familiar face comes out on camera, old alliances disband, new relationships are born and news game is now played differently. Available from 11/04/2024 Small reindeer / Baby Reindeer When an aspiring comedian makes an act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it triggers a suffocating obsession that threatens to destroy both lives. Available from 11/04/2024 Heartbreak High: Season 2 / Heartbreak High: Season 2 When Amery starts believing that she can finally start calm in the new year, new problems and a curious stoker begin to upset her life. All our heroes return for the second semester to the “worst rated school in the district”. But the new hot schoolmates, a new gymnast, and a mysterious intruder are turning away for good the dream of a peaceful semester, while dirty strategies in the fight for the school leader are out of control at Hartley High School. The second semester is here and it’s more chaotic than ever. Available from 11/04/2024 A Night of Midsummer Night Karina gathers her family for traditional Swedish summer holidays, but the happy occasion goes wrong when long-term secrets come out. Available from 11/04/2024 Good Times In this intense, bold new version of the classic series, a new generation of the Evans family manages in a working home in Chicago. Available from 12/04/2024 The Circle: USA: Season 6 / The Circle: Season 6 In this social experiment and competition, online players flirt, become friends and create fake profiles for the award of the leading influenser. Available from 17/04/2024 The Upshaws: Part 5 / The Upshaws: Part 5 A new era full of ups and downs and changes in the life of the Apshaws brings blessing and anxiety. But whatever happens, the family remains above all else. Benny Upshaw (Mike Epps), the leader of a working-class African-American family in Indianapolis, is a charming, well-intentioned engineer, a life in the rough, who makes his best efforts to care for his family – his wife, Regina (Kim Fields), their two young daughters (Kali Spraggins, Jerney Christine) and their firstborn son (Tzermel Simon), as well as the teenage son (Diamond Lyons) who has with another woman (Gabriel Dennis)– and to tolerate his cynical sister-in-law (Wanda Sykes): all this without an action plan. The Apshaws, however, are determined to succeed and stand together. In this new part of the series, the Apshaws continue to face the ups and downs of life, such as new jobs, bigger dreams, health problems and certain great surprises of life, but manage to cope because of the love of having a family. Available from 18/04/2024 Dead Boy Detectives Are you pursuing some annoying ghost? Has a demon stolen your basic memories? Perhaps you should address the dead detectives. Meet Edwin Payne (George Rexstrow) and Charles Rowland (Jaden Revrie), “the mind” and “the muscles” of the Office of the Dead Detectives. Teenagers Edwin and Charles, born decades apart and can only meet as dead, are friends and ghosts… and solve mysteries. They will do anything to stay together, – they will escape evil witches, even Hell and Death. With the help of a psychic named Crystal (Casius Nelson), and her friend, Nico (Yuyu Kitamura), can solve some of the most mystical paranormal affairs from the world of mortals. “Dead Boy Detectives”, a series of Netflix’s “The Sandman” universe based on Neil Gayman’s favorite comic books, was adapted for television by Steve Yoki, who is also a showrunner along with Beth Schwartz. It is a series by Greg Barlandy with production directors Jeremy Carver and Sarah Shehter. The series also stars Jen Lyon, Briana Kuoko, Lucas Cage, David Jacono and Ruth Connell. Available from 25/04/2024 Fiasco / Fiasco When the disaster breaks out in the set of a director’s first film, his crew captures the setbacks, blackmail and sabotage that follow. Available from 30/04/2024