Anna-Marie Belli: To understand the environment of the villain that he must cut him off

His post that refused to be the man who abused her but also Youtuber’s response, employed many of the morning broadcast panels. The comments under the post made by Mars Makris but also by the video uploaded by Anna Maria Velli and to which she talked about her abuse, were hundreds. Anna Maria Velli responded to one of them, not revealing again the name of the man who abused her. “The video is not intended to become cancell anyone and that’s why I don’t speak with names. The goal is to understand the environment of the abuser that if he doesn’t cut him off it is like putting his hand in the next time.” Youtuber had also previously reported how she has been abused by a former partner. After the last video she uploaded to her TikTok account, the subject came back to the surface with many social media photographing Aris Makris as an abuser. After posting on the instagram denying that he is the man who molested Anna Maria Velli, man from the environment of Mars Long revealed why the singer decided to answer what was heard. “The suspension of Mars was intended only to express his position, to record his view. Doing this in public was unfortunately the only option left to him. For no reason does he want to swell anything, just to be done, unless it leads to a solution. The reason for the suspension is psychological and stems from the need for his truth to come out. No one else can give a personal opinion on such a matter. What is said must be as objective as possible and this cannot be done by third parties. What is said has made it difficult for him to bear. It must somehow end what is happening and in the right way. And the way is calm management. The right must not be lost,” said a close friend of Mars Makris. Anna Maria Velli herself, in addition to the comment where she did not want to reveal her villain’s name, did not want to make any statements on the show’s camera, Super Katerina, about Mars Makris. Two very close friends and associates of Youtuber, tried to remove the broadcast reporter. “I am her friend and I ask you to leave. I’m telling you she doesn’t want to, I’d like you to leave, not ask her anything. You know that a girl has been through some difficulties and her best friend comes and expresses her desire for the safety of her friend to leave. I’m not gonna talk about it. You won’t have any plan,” one of Belle’s friends said categorically and hid the camera so that no plans would come out.

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