The FTE examines the legality of the new urban plan for the Eye and surrounding areas

In the seven-member composition of the E part of the Council of State, appeals by residents of the fire-stricken areas were discussed in the seven-member composition of the E section of the Council of State, where in July 2018 against the Presidential Decree to approve a new urban plan. A total of 13 applications for annulment from 93 residents have been lodged in Matti, Nea Makri, Rafina and Marathon, a Partisan-Building Cooperative and an Exile Association of Landowners. All applicants argue that the Presidential Decree of 2022, for the adoption of a specific urban plan in the fire-fighting areas, is unconstitutional, illegal, contrary to European legislation and the ECHR and seek to be annulled. Among other things, residents argue that the ID is contrary to constitutional requirements for environmental protection (Article 24 Constitution) and the principle of sustainable development. At the same time they stressed that they violated European legislation (European Directive 2001/42/EC) EC), as the Special Urban Plan (EPC) was approved without the approval of the entire Environmental Impact Study Strategy (SMP), while the proposed consultation was not carried out for the supplementary SMP. At the same time, the applicants argue that before the adoption of the contested order the pre-approval procedure was not complied with, i.e. it does not appear that the relevant application for approval was submitted with the technical report required by the Ministry of the Environment, as expressly provided for in Law 4447/2016. The decision of the Council of State will be adopted in the coming months.

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