Anna Efthymiou target of Golden Dawn: They posted a letter to her office

The goal of gold-eugite became the New Democracy lawyer, as members of the far-right youth walled the e-mail office that had been sent to her about the attitude she held for same-sex couples. New Democracy MP Anna Efthymiou noted that “those trying to intimidate me and the New Democracy party are being bullied”. In detail the announcement of Anna Efthymiou: “On Tuesday 5/3/2024 I accepted in my e-mail the attached letter from the People’s Association Youth Front – Golden Dawn regarding the passage of the Law on same-sex couples. This morning, arriving at my law firm, I found that the letter had been lodged at the entrance to the apartment building next to my professional sign in my name and my legal capacity. People who are trying to intimidate me and the New Democracy Party are vain. I’m in politics to serve my ideas and positions. I will continue to exercise my parliamentary duties by fighting conscientiously and consistently, having as a beacon in my political course my values and ideals, with which I go on my 20-year journey to the public. I am sure that these acts of intimidation and bullying are condemned by the political world and the democratic society of Thessaloniki.”