Angela Demetriou: I love my daughter, but I want to look at me before it’s too late.

“I gave everything to my whole family. I want a little look at me.” Or in a confession, she talked about the relationship with her daughter and her mother, who left life a few days ago. I love my daughter but I want to be a little alone, she said, among other things, Angela Demetriou when on Thursday evening (07.03.2024) she was found a guest of Nikos Hatzinikolaou in Opios On the face. The relations of “laide” of the Greek song with her daughter, Olga Kyurtsakis passed judgment, with the singer talking about exploitation by her daughter and son-in-law, Fotis Lousis. When asked, Angela Demetriou was clear. “Olgara has grown up, has become a doll, has become a mother who should respect it and become a proper mother like I was for Olga. I love my daughter, I love my grandchild, I love my son, I love my grandchildren, I love everyone but I want to be a little alone. I just want to look at me. Several years I’ve been too busy giving everything to my whole family. I just want to look at me. I want to take a look at Angela before it’s too late. I gave this, I gave that, and what am I doing? Die?” I want her to be well with her husband and child and whatever she needs and I can contribute, but if I see that things are good, I’m happy. I have no problem,” said the “lady”. Angela Dimitriou “wounded” when she spoke about her mother, who left life a few days ago, at the age of 96. “What I have left of my mother is what I wear in my hand, it was her ring which I swear I will never take out because it is my protection. I got her close to me. My mother was a very dynamic woman who didn’t understand anything and came into everything that wanted her children to be okay first and then all the rest and a woman who raised my daughter. I say he raised her because I was working and I couldn’t be around her, offering her my presence, but I offered her other things when I could, too. My mother was the woman who didn’t understand anything! Two and a half years I had her in a bed, she wouldn’t walk. Day after day I saw her like this, I was very sad because I forgot my mom who was dynamic, sitting around cooking, cleaning the house, doing everything. Until a month ago, I walk into the room, he grabs my hand and says, “ I want you to take care of yourself. Find a man to fix your life because in the end you will be alone. You’ll be alone and I don’t want you to be alone ‘. I’m alone for six years because I’m tired, I’m angry, I’ve waited for my life to come or else it’s come. I certainly had love, love, jealousy, hate, and so much. But I expected that eventually things would calm down and have a man and me to spend some hours that are difficult after work,” said Angela Demetriou.