Europa and Conference League: Goal and phases from the first games in the ‘16’ phase

Olympiacos experienced “heavy” defeat 4-1 from Maccabi Tel Aviv and PAOK were defeated 2–0 by Dinamo Zagreb, on a bad night for Greece at the time the favourites took a qualifying lead in Para El Kabi’s new goal, Olympiacos was put out of practice at the Conference League, since it will take an unrepeatable excess to overturn the score of the first match in Serbia’s rematch. PAOK now has a very difficult task, however, which wants a win with at least two goals in order not to be excluded from Dinamo Zagreb. “Clean” qualification lead was taken and Fenerbachse and Lil, while “open” remained the remaining “pairs” in the Conference League “16” phase. Instead, it is more clear now in the Europa League, as Liverpool “scapped” with 5-1 Sparta Prague, Roma “scanned” with 4-0 Brighton and Marseille was imposed with a 4–0 of Villareal. Near the qualification is Milan after 4-2 over Slavia Prague, resulting in all favourites continuing unwaveringly in the event. Results in the Europa League Sporting Lisbon – Atalanta 1-1 Karabag – Leverkuzen 2–2 Roma – Brighton 4-0 Sparta Prague – Liverpool 1–5 Milan – Slavia Prague 4–2 Benfica – Rangers 2–2 Fryburg – West Ham 1–0 Marseille – Villareal 4-0 The results in the “16” of the Conference League League Ajax – Aston Villa 0–0 Molde – Briz 2–1 Storm Graz – Lil 0–3 Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv 1–4 Servet – Victoria Plzen 0–0 St. Ziloaz – Fenerbahce 0–3 Dinamo Zagreb – PAOK 2–0 Macabi Haifa – Fiorentina 3–4