Alexandra Usta: Your life brings problems and some nice moments, abnormal landing I didn’t have

‘ I knew that a child would not make your marriage,” says Alexandra Usta was invited to the Best Late with Athenian Nega. The actress spoke of the difficulties she is facing with motherhood. “I knew a child wouldn’t fix your marriage and the whole situation. It was a conscious moment when I said that if you hit wood anything happens, I’m okay with dealing with it. If I wasn’t in my right mind and it was all going wrong, while I had it all pretty, I think it would be devastating for me and the kid. Life brings you problems and some nice moments. I didn’t have an abnormal landing. We go with what we have and we will do our best,” Alexandra Usta originally said. “In the end our parents had more to be perfect, that you should marry. That was the norma. First get married and then get out of the house. My mother lived in the time when if you wanted to do something of your own as a woman, you had to have a gentleman next door. Then you get the abnormal landing,” confessed Alexandra Usta.