After the agreement with the EU, Turkey has to take back after 325 migrants – SEE the list of nationalities

    A total of 72 irregular migrants…
    71 from Pakistan and 1 from Bangladesh, were delivered today, 11 April 2016, the Turkish Authorities, through the border crossing of kipi of Evros, in accordance with the provisions of the Bilateral Readmission Protocol between Greece and Turkey.
    From 1 January 2016 until today, have been delivered to Turkey, in the framework of implementation of the Bilateral Protocol on Readmission, a total of 913 irregular immigrants, of the following nationalities:
    431 from Pakistan,
    269 from Morocco,
    147 from Algeria,
    60 from Bangladesh,
    4 from Tunisia and
    2 from Iran
    In accordance with the provisions of the Joint Agreement, EU-Turkey 18 March, have been returned to Turkey through the port of Δικελί a total of 325 refugees and irregular immigrants, of the following nationalities:
    240 from Pakistan,
    42 from Afghanistan,
    10 from Iran,
    7 from India,
    5 from Iraq,
    5 from the Congo,
    5 from Bangladesh,
    4 from Sri Lanka,
    2 from Syria (with a request for voluntary departure),
    1 from Egypt,
    1 from the Ivory coast,
    1 from Morocco,
    1 from Somalia and
    1 Palestinian origin.
    The data confirmed, and the Commission
    As explained today by the representative of the european Commission Mina Αντρέεβα, with regard to the implementation of the agreement EU-Turkey for the parallel return of migrants in Turkey and the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the EU, a total of 325 migrants who had not applied for asylum in Greece, have returned to Turkey and 74 Syrians have been resettled in the member states of the EU. The same has avoided to answer if there are scheduled repayments this week.Finally, the M. Αντρέεβα confirmed that Turkey has adopted the necessary legal arrangements so that the
    Syrians who returned there from the Greek islands to be able to request and be granted temporary protection.
    Tomorrow, the evaluation of Greece by the european Commission for the refugee
    In the meantime, the evaluation report of the measures it has taken by Greece in response to the recommendations of the Council in order to address the issue of management of external borders, are expected to adopt tomorrow the College of Commissioners.
    As mentioned by the lady Αντρέεβα this assessment is part of the design of the European Commission with the aim to remove internal border controls before the end of the year. In addition to tomorrow will be published the second monthly report of the Commission for the relocation and resettlement.