Why the ancients didn’t they get sick from cancer?

    Is cancer a disease of the modern era? There used to be?…
    The research concludes that cancer didn’t exist in ancient years. It is likely to be a product of the modern era. The view has many defenders and many opponents.
    Professor Rosalie David and her team at the University of Manchester and professor Zimmerman of the University of Villanova appreciate that cancer is a disease that has to do with the modern way of life.
    They claim that in ancient times there was no operative event for the cancer. The disease is due to diet, habits and the environment.
    In mummies 3000 years old, are rarely found traces of the tumor and it is benign tumors. The argument that the life expectancy of the ancients was smaller, has been repulsed by the fact that the period from 25 until 50 years old is enough to show cancer.
    Delving into the subject we discover that the first forms of e.example of breast cancer appear after the 17th century.
    The statistics, of course, says that 90% of people who die from cancer are over 50 years old, so looking at the one before of the 50 you won’t find a trace of the disease.
    The conclusions of your own, as there are factors of heredity, of solar radiation or of radioactivity.